Murali Ramanujam

Cambridge, UK


University of Cambridge, UK

M.Phil. (Hons, expected), Advanced Computer Science (October 2018 - June 2019)

Dissertation: Exploring network effects on the performance of applications in reproducible cloud environments

Advisors: Dr Noa Zilberman, Dr Andrew Moore

National University of Singapore, SG

B.Eng. (Hons), Computer Engineering (July 2010 - June 2014)

Dissertation: Reverse Engineering Password Hashes Using New Generation Nvidia GPGPUs

Advisors: Dr Bharadwaj Veeravalli, Dr SPT Krishnan

Work Experience

University of Cambridge Research Assistant (May 2017 - Sept 2018)
  • Worked on building a high performance DMA driver (kernel module) utilizing the Linux NAPI for an open network interface card at line rate (40Gbps).
  • Performed large scale cloud measurements, focusing on performance variance over time and across data centers
  • Developed a prototype network tester capable of probing terabit scale links with multiple concurrent network flows of varying characteristics.
  • Tech: Python, HTML, CSS and JavaScript, REST APIs and Linux kernel module development in C. Usage of common tools such as ftrace, strace and shell scripting.
Dexecure CDN Cofounder and CTO (July 2015 - April 2017)
  • Launched Dexecure, a Y Combinator backed intelligent CDN to provide bespoke web optmisation services.
  • Architected and implemented a worldwide Content Delivery Network to speed up websites by ~30%.
  • Scaled backend to handle over a hundred million requests each month, saving terabytes of image bandwidth for users.
  • Tech: Node.JS, Python, AWS Lambda, S3, ELB, DynamoDB and Cloudfront.
National University of Singapore Research Assistant (July 2015 - Aug 2016)
  • Implemented static page rewriter that automatically improves landing page speed of a website by ~5x through topological sorting of JavaScript assets in the page.
  • The static page analyzer automatically defers the loading of JS and rewrites webpages with browser specific optimizations.
  • Tech: Python, Java, PostgreSQL and React.JS in addition to Azure DocumentDB, Service Bus and Blob Storage.
Institute for Infocomm Research, Singapore Research Engineer (July 2014 - July 2015)
  • Implemented a distributed fuzzing workbench peaking at over ~1 million fuzzes every day on mobile devices that helped find high impact bugs and published academic papers.
  • Tech: Gained experience in Python (Django), MongoDB, Redis and fuzzing algorithms.

Student Projects

Evaluating the impact of VM reallocations in the cloud
  • Developed a highly automated framework to install and manage cloud resources using Azure API.
  • Worked with Python, shell scripts, and Azure RESTful APIs to maintain large cloud clusters automatically.
Reverse engineering password hashes on GPGPUs (Final Year Project)
  • Implemented a highly parallel algorithm to crack password hashes on GPUs.
  • Over 1 million password hashes cracked using a custom Rainbow Table implementation with the average crack time per hash in the order of seconds.
  • Worked with CUDA and C, and gained a good understanding of hashing algorithms and Rainbow Tables.
Networked multiplayer game on mobile
  • Developed a 4-player co-operative game with Client-Server architecture with an authoritative server simulating the game.
  • Worked with PhoneGap for cross platform implementation and used for connectivity on top of Node.JS.
Image search engine
  • Project to recursively crawl images from the internet that match a given keyword.
  • Implemented the raw HTTP (v1.1) protocol for communicating with web servers.
  • Designed and implemented an auto-scaling worker-master model on AWS to handle concurrent requests.
  • Used a stack to maintain links and hash table to prevent duplicates, Redis for co-ordination and Postgres for storage.
‘Intraix’ – Apple store application
  • Created and published an application to the Apple store for home energy monitoring.
  • Using web scraping, the application enabled energy monitoring at a glance and gamified energy saving amongst users within an area. The app received several thousand downloads and was sold to a private company.
  • Learned Objective C, PostgreSQL and interfacing with iOS APIs.


Web Development
Experience with Java, Python (Django), JavaScript (React, Angular, jQuery, Node), SQL, HTML, and CSS
Mobile Development
Experience with Objective C (iOS) and Java (Android)
Misc Technologies
Experience with Heroku, PostgreSQL, Redis, AWS, GCP, Azure, Docker, Git, Linux